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Welcome to OME! We are here to help you unlock your full potential and build the practice of your dreams! By using the Circle of Success, we take the mystery out of growing a profitable practice, and use a proven framework to transform your business. Gain access to our on demand 30 minute training modules by enrolling now

Creating a Practice of Distinction Can Be Easier than You Think

Here are three ways to get started

  • 1. Consulting

    Being able to ask the right questions and create a plan for improvement where results are needed most is key to any company or individual. Call us for your customized plan designed around the circle of success.

  • 2. Courses

    Take inspired action and learn invaluable strategies to optimize your business growth. Learn from industry leaders and implement practical strategies to reduce stress and become a confident and profitable leader. 30 minute segments designed for you and your team all following the circle of success.

  • 3. Podcast

    The Leading Podcast for Eyecare Providers. We are all faced with the challenge of continuing to build stronger and more productive practices, bringing value to our patients, while still enjoying every day. Join us as we walk through this journey together.

The Dr. April Jasper Show

Join us to hear relevant conversations from subject matter experts! This free resource is available across multiple platforms.


We are committed to your success. We are thrilled to hear your stories too.

“Hi April! I was so inspired and re-energized after your summit lecture last week in Oakland.”


“It's rare to find a successful entrepreneur like Dr. Jasper who is willing to share her experiences with full transparency. Even after many years in practice, I find so much value in the Circle of Success Business Accelerator and the podcasts that are full of useful information.”

Dr. Patti Richard

“Hi Dr. Jasper, Thank you for the CE lectures on Thursday. I really appreciate you sharing your experience with us.”

Betsy S, OD

“Hi Dr. Jasper, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on marketing our practices yesterday. I always enjoy your lectures and appreciate your vision and leadership in private practice Optometry. Thank you for doing what you do and for sharing so openly with your colleagues. ”

Mitch R, OD

“Dr. Jasper, Thank you for your talk on contact lens. We implemented your processes and grew our contact lens business 300% in one year. I look forward to doing the same with our medical practice.”


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